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Whether you are looking for beauty service for yourself or a hairstylist for your child, you can now do it on-demand or schedule one ahead of time, the choice is yours. Rudo makes it easy to do bookings with safe and cashless payments.

Personalised Service

One-on-one non-destructed beauty service.

Easy Booking System

Find a stylist you like and book them ahead of time.

Real Time Notifications

Track your order with real-time in-app notifications.

Cross Platform

Rudo is available for Android and iOS devices.

Find your personal
stylist with a simple click.

Open up your world of beauty with just a simple click. Rudo will connect you to nearby stylists and beauticians to match your taste at the comfort of your home.

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Reach More
Customers With Rudo.

Are you a freelancer or a small business? Rudo offers you an opportunity to reach more customers like never before.

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  • what is rudo?

    rudo offers information and a method to obtain a third-party beauty service provider only. rudo app does not provide beauty salon services and is not a beauty service provider. It is up to the third-party beauty service provider to offer beauty services which may be scheduled through use of the rudo platform software.

  • how does the rudo app work?

    By accessing, browsing and/or using the services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by all the terms. For a guide on how to use the app please visit the An onboarding pack will be sent to you as soon as your registration is approved.

  • what are the benefits of using the app?

    Rudo platform is founded in the purpose to give an opportunity to South Africans to use their beauty skills to earn income and build substantial businesses. We are committed to help the rudo practitioners to get the right clients, assist in getting the right training and experience.

  • how do billing and payments work?

    Book the service with safe and cashless payments. When you make a booking reservation on rudo, your payment will be reserved until the service has been completed. A pre-authorization will be issued on your debit/credit card upfront for the estimated booked service.

  • how does rating system work?

    The rudo platform features 2-way satisfaction commentary rating system: user and rudo practitioner to give each other ratings based on their service experience. rudo satisfaction rating is a range between 1 to 5. This is a platform to voice your complaints and complement regarding the service. The client is allowed to tip the service provider through the platform or in a form of cash. However all payment for the services it can only be done through the app.

  • how do i contact rudo support?

    We have tried to address the common questions within the Help menu bar in our App and at websites. For any legal documentation and commonly asked questions you can check within the menu bar for any pressing matter that we are unable to address through the standard features on the app submit feedback to our Customer support team at The query will be aimed to get back to you within 24 hours. This reply will come back to you as an email You can reply to this email if you have further questions.

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